SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) 1802 Step by Step Upgrade Guide

This is a Step by Step Upgrade guide for SCCM 1802. Baseline Version Release (For fresh installation of SCCM, you require baseline version): Microsoft has recently released Baseline version of SCCM, ie 1802 version of SCCM. SCCM 2012 can be upgraded using this version of SCCM as you can download the complete source of SCCM 1802 through Volume Licensing Service Center. This also means that if you have to do the fresh setup of SCCM, you can use this Baseline version for installation.
Most recent baseline versions are SCCM 1702 and 1802.

In-console Update: SCCM 1802 is available as in-console update for sites running on SCCM 1702,1706 or 1710.
• In-console updates provides greater flexibility of upgrading the SCCM Current Branch by getting updates of SCCM within SCCM console only.
• You just need to make sure that “Service connection point site system role” should be installed on SCCM to make sure synchronization schedule pull latest updates for SCCM.
• Once you install in-console update on CAS site, updates are automatically been applied to Primary sites. For secondary sites, you need to initiate it manually.

For SCCM 1710 Upgrade guide, you may see SCCM Upgrade guide for SCCM 1710.

New features included in SCCM 1802
• Reassign distribution point
• Configure Windows Delivery Optimization to use Configuration Manager boundary groups
• Support for Windows 10 ARM64 devices
• Improved support for CNG certificates
• Boundary group fallback for management points
• Cloud distribution point site affinity
• Management insights
• Cloud management gateway support for Azure Resource Manager
• Surface device dashboard
• Microsoft Edge browser policies
• Allow user interaction when installing an application
• Do not automatically upgrade superseded applications
• Improvements to Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence
• Install multiple applications in Software Center
• Phased deployments for task sequences
• Hide installed applications in Software Center
For a complete list, you can follow

Checklist for SCCM 1802
• Ensure that all sites run a version of System Center Configuration Manager that supports update to 1802
• Review the status of your Software Assurance or equivalent subscription rights
• Review installed Microsoft .NET versions on site system servers
• Review the version of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 : The Windows 10 ADK should be version 1703 or later. (For more information on supported Windows ADK versions, see Windows 10 ADK.) If you must update the Windows ADK, do so before you begin the update of Configuration Manager. This ensures the default boot images are automatically updated to the latest version of Windows PE. (Custom boot images must be updated manually.)
• Review the site and hierarchy status and verify that there are no unresolved issues
• Review file and data replication between sites
• Install all applicable critical updates for operating systems on computers that host the site, the site database server, and remote site system roles
• Disable database replicas for management points at primary sites
• Set SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups to manual failover
• Reconfigure software update points that use NLBs
• Disable all site maintenance tasks at each site for the duration of the update installation on that site
• Temporarily stop any antivirus software on the System Center Configuration Manager servers
• Create a backup of the site database at the central administration site and primary sites
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Installation Process
Open SCCM Console, click on Administration Tab, go to Overview > Updates and Servicing. On right Pane you will see “Configuration Manager 1802”

Incase you are not in Early enable ring, you might not see “Configuration Manager 1802”. You can still get this update using powershell script to enable Early Update provided by Microsoft. This is available in exe format, you need to run this to extract PowerShell file.

Right click it and download the update. Update will be download as cab file under following location (F:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload)

This can be verified using log file dmpdownloader.log

Once downloaded it will extract the content with same name folder as cab file.

Run Prerequisite Check

Once update is downloaded, right click “configuration Manager 1802” on console and select “Run Prerequisite Check”. Verify CMUpdate.log for process initiation and verify c:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log for success or failure.

Next Step
Right click “Configuration manager 1802” and click on install.

Select next, select the options you want to select or leave it as default. You can enable this at latest stage as well.

Next screen shows Client Update options, its always better to use option “Validate in pre-production collection” so that you can test new client agent on few systems before rolling out in production.

Select next and specify your Software Assurance expiration date.

Click next to complete.

You can monitor the installation through CMUpdate.log. And can see the results showing as success.

Verify the same in SCCM console as well:

Once installation is done, and you try to open the SCCM console, this will ask you to update your console.

Once completed you can verify the site version and control version (by clicking on top left of the SCCM ribbon and selection option “About Configuration Manager”.

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