Troubleshooting Archive

30 Nov 2019

How to verify SCCM MP health

In this blog we will cover few ways to verify the health of SCCM’s Management Point. Check following 2 web Url’s are accessible:http://<MPServerFQDN>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mplisthttp://<MPServerFQDN>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mpcertIf you get any error browsing above mentioned url, then there is a problem with
29 Nov 2019

SCCM client 1906 failure with error 0x80096005

In this post, I will be discussing the issue related to SCCM client installation on Windows 7 with SCCM 1906 in use.Everything was working fine with Windows 7 Task Sequence through SCCM 1902. Once I upgraded to
3 Mar 2018

Software Metering report – Specific Application not used since last 90 days

In this post I am going to share SQL query (for reporting purpose). This can be used to fetch the data for applications which are not used for last 90 days. I have used Microsoft Word as