In this post I will discuss on how to disable Internet explorer and redirect to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer on 15th June 2022, as Microsoft edge is the future, organizations should focus on this browser which is there for a while from quite sometimes.

Decision to make – whether to remove or disable the Internet Explorer

This is an important aspect to understand whether to remove or just disable the Internet Explorer.

What will happen when you remove Internet Explorer

There are still lots of legacy application (Infact 1600+ legacy apps on average) which works only on Internet Explorer, till the time these applications are not fully ready to work on Edge, we have to rely on internet explorer.

To resolve this issue, enterprise mode exists which is applicable for Internet Explorer 11. This is known as dual-browser experience which allows you to use Edge with Enterprise mode which allows backward compatibility to these legacy apps.

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge will be supported through at least 2029. Check the link for more details.

Disable Internet Explorer and redirect it to Edge

In organizations with existing legacy apps, it is recommended not to use remove Internet Explorer. Rather disable IE an

Rather than removing Internet Explorer, disable it and the activity related to IE11 will be redirected to Microsoft Edge. You will see following behaviour when you disable IE:

  • IE11 icons will be removed from Start Menu and Task Bar.
  • If you try to launch file associated with IE11, it will be redirected to open in Microsoft Edge.
  • When you try to launch IE11 directly by executing iexplore.exe, Microsoft Edge will be launched.

Note: For legacy applications to work with Microsoft Edge, Enterprise Mode site list should contain applications that are configured to open in IE 11. Once IE11 is disabled, the url’s for backward compatible applications will open in IE mode on Microsoft Edge and you will be able to see the icon related to IE which will give you indication that this URL is opened in IE mode.

How to disable Internet Explorer using Intune

We can disable the Internet explorer using Intune, this can be achieve through Group Policy as well.

Login to MEM Admin center and navigate to Devices > Configuration profiles

Click on Create profile.

Create profile

Under Create a profile, select Platform as “Windows 10 and later”, select Profile type as Templates and select Template name “Custom”, click on Create.

DisableIEIntune 02

Specify name as Disable Internet Explorer 11 and click Next.

Disable Internet Explorer 11

Under Configuration settings, we need to configure OMA-URI Settings, click on Add.

IE11 OMA-URI Settings

Under OMA-URI Settings blade specify:

Name: Disable IE11
Description: Block IE and redirect it to Edge
OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/InternetExplorer/DisableInternetExplorerApp
Data Type: String
Value: <enabled/><data id=”NotifyDisableIEOptions” value=”2″/>

DisableIEIntune 04

We are applying the Device-wide settings, hence using ./Device for OMA-URI. The scope for this policy is valid for User and Device both, you may check following link for Internet Explorer Policy CSP.

Once the settings are provided, we can see single row of OMA-URI settings, click Next.

DisableIEIntune 05

Under Assignments, assign it to specific group you wanted to target and click Next.


Verify the info under Review + create and click on Create.

DisableIEIntune 07

How to disable Internet Explorer through Group Policy

Group policy is another way through we can disable Internet Explorer and redirect it to Microsoft Edge.

Login to one of the servers and create / edit existing group policy. Navigate to Computer Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Internet Explorer

Under right pane, you will see Disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser, double click it.

Disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser

Enable the policy. We have additional options available under “Notify that Internet Explorer 11 browser is disabled” as Never, Always and Once per user. Select Always if you wanted to get  prompted for error every time.

DisableIEIntune 09

Verify Settings on Windows 10 device

Login to Windows 10 device. Once the policy is applied, try launching internet explorer. You will get the message:

This action is restricted. For more information, please contact your system administrator.
This action is restricted

The URL’s will also be redirected to edge for applications related to IE Mode.

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