In this blog I will be discussing on error related to Desktop Analysis which shows “Unable to enroll” status in SCCM Connection health. The error is related to Error Compatibility appraiser.dll

While working on Desktop Analytics issue, I found this error for the device. When I launched: \Software Library\Overview\Desktop Analytics Servicing\Connection Health, navigate to right pane showing connection Health. Click on orange region showing as count 1 (in my case).

ErrorCompatAppraiserOutdated 01

This took me to Monitor Connection Health page located at  \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices\Unable to enroll, where we can see the error mentioning as “The compatibility update (appraiser.dll) isn’t installed or out of date on the device

ErrorCompatAppraiserOutdated 02

What is appraiser

Appraiser is that component of windows which is responsible for assessing the apps and drivers on the device for compatibility with latest version of windows.

We need to make sure that we are having minimum version of appraiser.dll which is located at c:\windows\system32\appraiser.dll. Minimum supported version is 10017763 which will be shown as file version 10.0.17763 under the folder, hence decimals are removed.

Task Scheduler for appraiser

Compattelrunner.exe (location: c:\windows\system32) is the file responsible for sending the data. This executable file creates and entry under Task Scheduler with the name Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser, by default which is set to run every day.


In my case, I found the version was 10016299 ie Windows version 10.0.16299. Or I can say, system is running Windows 10 1709 version. As the patch was not applied either I have solution to apply latest cumulative update or Feature update.

ErrorCompatAppraiserOutdated 03


I applied feature update version 1909, once restarted I got new OS version with appraiser.dll version showing as 10018362 as OS version 1909 is part of OS Build 18363.

ErrorCompatAppraiserOutdated 04

Once next sync happened, device showing as Properly enrolled.