In this blog, I will be showing you how to install language pack through Task Sequence Windows 10. Few times there is a requirement of installing additional language pack apart from being just default English version of operating system installed with Windows 10.

Download correct version of language pack for Windows 10

The first important thing is to have language pack download for specific version of Windows 10. You can use Visual Studio Subscription (Formerly known as MSDN Subscription) or Volume Licensing Service Center.

As I am going to demonstrate you to deploy language pack for Windows 10 20H2 version. We need to have language pack version 2004 which is compatible with:

  • Windows 10 version 2004
  • Windows 10 version 20H2

Once downloaded the language pack iso, you might get the following name downloaded for ISO: mu_windows_10_language_pack_version_2004_x86_arm64_x64_dvd_7729a9da.iso

InstallLangPack 01

Mount the iso, and navigate to F:\x64\langpacks (where F drive is the drive I mounted) as we are looking for 64 bit version. You will be able to see list of language packs for each country in cab format. These are the files we require, based upon your requirement, you only need to pick specific files only.

InstallLangPack 02

For complete list of language pack, follow available language packs for windows.

Create SCCM package for language pack

I am going to pick 2 languages to create language pack. I am picking German (Germany) (de-DE) & English (United Kingdom) en-GB.

Let’s create SCCM package with following content within it:

InstallLangPack 03

I have created the package with the name Language Pack Win10 2004.

InstallLangPack 04

Modify Task Sequence to include language pack

As we are going to install language pack during WinPE phase, the task sequence step should be before “setup Windows and configuration manager” step. We are choosing to put the language pack install step right after Apply Operating System step

Modify your existing task sequence for 20H2, right after the step “Apply Operating System”, click on Add > General > Run Command to add an extra step with following settings:

Name: Install Language pack de-de
Command line: dism.exe /image:%OSDTargetSystemDrive%\ /ScratchDir:%OSDTargetSystemDrive%\Windows\Temp /Add-Package /PackagePath:”.\” /quiet
Check the box Package and select the Language Pack Win10 2004 created previously.

InstallLangPack 05

Click on OK to save and exit.

Run the task sequence containing language pack

Its time to run the task sequence, boot your system either through pxe or boot media and initiate the task sequence. Let the task sequence complete. Once completed you can login to the system.

Verify installation of language pack

Login to the system and launch cmd prompt with elevated rights. Run following command:

dism /online /get-intl

InstallLangPack 06

You will be able to see 2 languages got installed:

  1. Default system UI language: en-US (en-US is Fully localized language)
  2. Partially localized language: de-DE