In this blog I will be showing you how to update Windows ADK 2004 on SCCM Server. Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (Windows ADK) version 2004 (10.1.19041) is the latest one which consists of 2 separate downloads, one for Windows 10 ADK and another one Windows PE add-on.

Release of these 2 separate packages started with Windows 10, version 1809 onwards. Windows ADK consists of deployment tools we need deploy and customize for windows images such Windows PE, Deployment Tools, Imaging and Configuration Designer etc.

Uninstall old ADK and Download latest Windows ADK

Before installing latest version, make sure to uninstall previous version of Windows ADK and Windows PE add-on, or else you will get following error message “You must uninstall the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit”

ADK2004 01

Launch Programs and Features and uninstall the following old versions:

Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit – Windows 10
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment Add-ons- Windows 10

ADK2004 02

Download latest versions through following link:

Download the Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 2004 – will download adksetup.exe
Download the Windows PE add-on for the ADK, version 2004 – will download adkwinpesetup.exe

Installation should be done in a specific order, install Windows ADK first and then Windows PE add-on.

Once downloaded, execute adksetup.exe, it will give option to directly install or provide download path for offline installer. I will be going with offline installer as its always convenient to download the binaries first before executing it.

ADK2004 03

Under Windows Kits Privacy page, click Next.

ADK2004 04

Under License Agreement page, click Accept.

ADK2004 05

This will proceed with downloading the binaries.

ADK2004 06

Once downloaded, you will get notification of Download is complete.

ADK2004 07

Execute adkwinpesetup.exe and once again we are downloading the WinPE Add-ons under a specific directory, click Next.

ADK2004 08

Once downloaded, click on Close to exit.

ADK2004 12

Install Windows ADK

Navigate to d:\ADK 2004 and execute adksetup.exe, and this time we will proceed with installing Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit – Windows 10, click Next.

ADK2004 13

Under Select the features you want to install page, you will get list of all components with few components selected by default:

  • Application Compatibility Tools
  • Deployment Tools
  • Imaging And Configuration Designer (ICD)
  • Configuration Designer
  • User State Migration Tool (USMT)
  • Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT)
  • Windows Performance Toolkit
  • Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) Template
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Sequencer
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Auto Sequer
  • Media eXperience Analyzer
  • Windows IP Over USB

Though Deployment Tools is the most important tool, but I will be going with other selected default option.

ADK2004 14

Once installation is done, click Close to exit.

ADK2004 15

Execute adkwinpesetup.exe to initiate installation, click Next.

ADK2004 16

This will come up with a feature Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), click Install.

ADK2004 17

This will go through installing features.

ADK2004 18

Once completed, click on Close.

ADK2004 19

Update Boot Image (though it is not recommended)

At this instance, it is necessary to update the boot image with new version to utilize new features. Launch SCCM console and navigate to Software Library > Overview > Operating Systems > Boot Images, right click the boot image and Update Distribution Points. This will launch Update Distribution Points Wizard which will give option Reload this boot image with the current Windows PE version from the Windows ADK.

ADK2004 20

Note: Beware of updating the boot image as you will loose all customization made in the boot image such as DaRT Integration, ADSI Connector or any other customization you might have done. I would highly recommend creating new boot image rather than updating the existing one. If you haven’t done any customization, you can proceed with reloading the boot image with latest WinPE binaries.

Once done, you will see the Boot Image version changed to 10.0.19041.1

ADK2004 21

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