As we know that Microsoft has recently released Office 2019 version, many of us would be excited.

But for enterprise users, who are still on Windows 7 have to be mindful as Office 2019 will only be supported on Windows 10 platform. That perfectly makes sense as we know that extended support for Windows 7 is ending in January’2020 hence it does not make any sense supporting a version which is on a verge of End of Life.

Obviously, System Administrators will not be planning rolling out Office 2019 for Windows 7 Systems. But they also need to plan what they are going to do with Office 365 deployments.

Office 365 currently supports Windows 7, but with the release of new monthly channel (Version 1809 Build 10827) is based on Office 2019. This is simply an indication that in near future Office 365 will not support Windows 7 and it seems Microsoft may tightly align this time frame with January’2020 (end of extended support for Win7).

Office 365 has a life cycle of 18 months starting from its initial release. Here initial release means when the version was first release for monthly channel.

I will not recommend organisations going with Office 365 on Windows 7 systems as this will create immense pressure in Windows 10 & Office 365 team all together because of dependency on Windows 10 rollout. Though there is no doubt about Windows 10 rollout should be completed before January’2020. However, there might be many organisations which might be missing the above said time to complete the rollout.

Hence organisations should not plan Office 365 rollout for Windows 7 if they are not sure about Windows 10 rollout replacing all Windows 7 systems.