SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide series

This series is going to cover the installation of SCCM current Branch using version 1802. This post is further divided into list of other post which will cover all the sections required such as preparing your environment for SCCM, making it ready before deploying it. List of components & features required for SCCM Installation. Setup of SCCM and make it ready to be used in real world scenario.

This whole series is going to cover not only the SCCM installation, but further exploring all aspects of SCCM configuration and actual usage of this product in terms of application, OSD, software updates etc.

Making environment ready

Installation of SCCM requires at least 2 servers:

  1. Domain Controller – We need Active Directory services installed with 1 Domain controller. We are going to use Hostname: DC01
  2. Member Server with OS Server 2016 Datacenter / Standard which will be used as SCCM Site Server. Hostname: SCCM01.
    We need to have 4 partitions: C Drive for OS installation, D Drive for SCCM installation, E:,G: for SQL

SCCM 1802 Blog Series further instructions: