SCCM Archive

30 Nov 2019

How to verify SCCM MP health

In this blog we will cover few ways to verify the health of SCCM’s Management Point. Check following 2 web Url’s are accessible:http://<MPServerFQDN>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mplisthttp://<MPServerFQDN>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mpcertIf you get any error browsing above mentioned url, then there is a problem with
22 Apr 2019

Deploy Office 365 through SCCM

In this post, we are going to deploy Office 365 application through SCCM. Starting with SCCM 1806, Office Customization tool is integrated with Office 365 Installer. Hence you don’t need to download OCT (Office Customization tool) to
20 Apr 2019

IP Helper-Address Configuration for PXE Boot

To support BIOS & UEFI Firmware based hardware, we need to execute following commands on Cisco Switch (Global Configuration Mode): IP helper-address <IP address of DHCP server>IP helper-address <IP address of WDS server>IP forward-protocol UDP 4011 CONFIGURATION
28 Mar 2019

SCCM 1902 Step by Step Upgrade Guide

This post will cover the installation of SCCM 1902.Microsoft has released new Baseline version ie 1902 for SCCM Current Branch, this version is also available as In-console update if your sites are running on version 1710, 1802,
24 Mar 2019

Deploy Office 2016 through SCCM

In this post we are going to create application for Office 2016 which can be deployed through SCCM. Before doing anything on SCCM, we need to customize the Office 2016 setup so that it can install the
23 Mar 2019

Configuring Boundaries for SCCM

In this post we are going to setup & cover configuring Boundaries for SCCM as part of SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide series Why do we need Boundaries ? Boundaries are required for 2 purposes: Site Assignment