How to enable and recover BitLocker recovery key

In this post we will see how to enable and recover BitLocker recovery key on Windows device. Once we enable Bitlocker, recovery key generated can be saved on Microsoft account. Though we have other options also available to save the recovery key such as printing it, creating pdf file, saving it into a txt file which can be used at later stage. However, using Microsoft account gives the flexibility of storing all your recovery password in a centralised place for all the devices you have.


How to setup passwordless Microsoft account for your personal ID

I am excited to see that Microsoft has moved towards setting up a complete passwordless Microsoft account. This is what Microsoft is calling the future of passwordless. Earlier in March 2021, when Microsoft announced the passwordless authentication, it was limited to organizations only to rollout the passwordless authentication in hybrid environments such as Azure integrated with on-premises Active Directory.


Deploy Quick Assist using SCCM

Quick Assist is the tool available in Windows 10 which can be used to establish remote connection and help the user. Quick Assist can be very useful for organisation and their service desk to support users / employees.

Some organisations might not prefer Quick Assist to be used and they might choose to uninstall it. Uninstallation can be an easy and straight forward process, but that’s not the case with Installing the quick assist.