In this blog I will be showing you how to troubleshoot Windows Feature Update when SetupConfig.ini in use. Through SCCM, we can use Windows 10 servicing feature, which is used to deploy Feature Update to existing Windows 10 in corporate environment to upgrade the OS.


While Upgrade the OS using Feature Update, we can customize few things such as Installing drivers using SetupConfig.ini during Feature Update process. As we are customizing the solution, this comes at a cost ie. Few failure scenarios that might occurs if not configured properly.

Hence, I will be covering up few scenarios with error code, which we might get while configuring and installing feature update, and how to remediate it.


Scenario 1 – Error Code 0x80070003 – Missing Driver location

Feature Update fail with error code 0x80070003. Under Software Center \ Updates, you will see Feature Update to Windows 10 (business editions), version 1909, en-us 64 status showing as Failed.

TroubleshootFeatureUpdateIssues 01

Once we click on Failed and click on More Information, we can see the error code 0x80070003(-2147024893). The error 0x80070003 translates to The system cannot find the path specified. Hence, we need to find out what is missing.

If we see Updatedeployment.log, we will see the error:

Not refreshing update presence state as error CI Info status received
Not refreshing update presence state

Error starting with “Not refreshing update presence…” is a generic error without any clarity.

Setupact.log (located at C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther) will also show error 0x3 or we can say 0x80070003 :

MOUPG  SetupManager::ExecuteCustomScript: No scripts found. Finished type [0x3]
MOUPG  SetupNotify: Specifying extended data [0x40003] for error [0x80070003].
MOUPG  SetupHost: Reporting error event -> [0x80070003, 0x40003]
TroubleshootFeatureUpdateIssues 03

As the error is indicating towards ExecuteCustomScript: No scripts found. We have to verify SetupConfig.ini as something is not correct.

SetupConfig.ini as following content:


Default location of SetupConfig.ini is C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WSUS.

As all parameters looks ok, we need to verify  the location of path specified ie. InstallDrivers location.


And in this case, found the problem. Folder Drivers is missing from the location c:\windows\Temp\FeatureUpdate. As system is not able to pass on the parameter InstallDrivers because of missing location, we got error 0x80070003.

TroubleshootFeatureUpdateIssues 05

Make sure InstallDrivers parameter path has a valid location. Once done, issue is resolved.

Scenario 2 – Error Code 0xC190010D – Missing path for SetupComplete.cmd

This time Feature update fails with error code 0xC190010D(-1047527155), upon translating the error code we see the error message as MOSETUP_E_INVALID_CMD_LINE which has following meaning “The installation process was launched with an invalid command-line argument.”

TroubleshootFeatureUpdateIssues 06

Again, Updatesdeployment.log is not going to help as it is going to show the same generic error message ie. “Not refreshing update presence state as error CI Info status received”.

After verifying SetConfig.ini content which is:


We need to verify the location of SetupComplete.cmd.

TroubleshootFeatureUpdateIssues 07

This time we found that Driver location was present but Script folder was missing which contains SetupComplete.cmd. As system is not able to find SetupComplete.cmd file which is responsible for applying the setting after OS Upgrade process, hence Feature Update installation failed.

Scenario 3 – Error Code 0xC1900107 – deletion of C:\$WINDOWS.~BT folder is required.

If Feature Update fails with error code 0xC1900107, this means previous attempt of OS installation created a folder which is not cleaned up. You can either manually delete C:\$WINDOWS.~BT folder (this is a hidden folder), or use the Disk Cleanup utility and clean up the temporary files as well as the System files.