Track SCCM package deployment through client log flow

In this blog, I will be showing you how to track and check SCCM package deployment through SCCM client log flow. Once you understand the complete log flow and including all the log files installed during this process, it will become very easy to track package installation in case it fails. You will be able to understand what information is present in which log file.


Track SCCM user against editing and modification on console

There are certain times when we need information about what SCCM Admin / user has made changes in last couple of hours / days. Today I am going to show you how easily you can fetch this information within SCCM console.
We can get audit all the activities for a specific user against creating/modifying/deleting any package/task sequence, any SCCM related activity such as creation/deletion of boundary groups, SCCM client agent settings, reports,compliance. It could be anything, hence this is very handy in case we need to find out what specific user did and on which date.


How to verify SCCM MP health

In this blog we will cover few ways to verify the health of SCCM’s Management Point.

  1. Check following 2 web Url’s are accessible:
    If you get any error browsing above mentioned url, then there is a problem with MP.

SCCM client 1906 failure with error 0x80096005

In this post, I will be discussing the issue related to SCCM client installation on Windows 7 with SCCM 1906 in use.
Everything was working fine with Windows 7 Task Sequence through SCCM 1902. Once I upgraded to SCCM 1906, Windows 7 task sequence was failing on setup “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” while downloading the binaries.

SCCM client was not getting installed even if it tried manually, this wasn’t the issue with Windows 10 builds.


Software Metering report – Specific Application not used since last 90 days

In this post I am going to share SQL query (for reporting purpose). This can be used to fetch the data for applications which are not used for last 90 days.

I have used Microsoft Word as an example. You need to make sure the winword.exe is enabled as Software meter rule in your SCCM environment. You may modify based upon your requirement and better to use it with parameter so that you can have a more powerful way to select from list of application: