In this post, I will be setting up new Microsoft Intune Account for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Once the account is created and setup is done, we are good to go with configuring and exploring the possibilities what MDM authority such as Windows Intune has to offer.

Create Free Trial account

To setup your Intune account, you need to create Free trial account for Intune. Creating a free trial account for Windows intune comes in 2 flavours:

Microsoft Intune Trial

This option provides 30 days of trial without any need of credit card info to be provided.

This will give access to 25 free license for specified period of time. The limitation is, it comes with Azure AD Free account which doesn’t have features which doesn’t have capability of auto-enrollment and Dynamic groups. Hence, I won’t prefer this kind of subscription to explore.

While logging into Azure portal and navigating to Azure Active Directory > Overview, we can see the License type associated with this subscription is having Azure AD Free, which I would consider having lots of limitations to explore.

Azure Active Directory Blade

Logging into Microsoft 365 admin center, and navigating to Your Products, we can see 25 license assigned under Purchased quantity.

Microsoft Intune Trial

This is the recommended option I would prefer as it comes with Azure AD Premium (AADP1) which supports both Auto-enrollment with co-management and Dynamic Groups along with lots of other features it offers. This comes with 250 licenses for a period of 90 days to expire.

Lets proceed with creating the free trial subscription.

Launch the Free Trial for Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, provide your any email id, I created a new email id specifically for the purpose of trial version, provide the same and click Next.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

Click on Set up Account, and provide few more details. You must enter Business phone number as this account needs verification through your phone.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 04

I selected Text me to send verification code.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 05

Once verification is done, provide the domain name. The original domain name will be, hence any name you are going to use will be extended with The subdomain name should be unique hence enter the name and make sure if it is available.

I went with manishtrial3 as it was available, hence my custom domain is now, click Next.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 06

Specify the username & password which will be used as Administrator to access the account, click on Signup to process the account creation.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 07

Account will be created and ready to explore, click on Get started.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 08

Provide credentials to login to Microsoft 365 admin center, under Your Products, we can see Product name as Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 Trial with 250 license assigned. And the good thing is that we have 90 days of time under subscription status.

CreateMSIntuneAccount 08b
CreateMSIntuneAccount 09

Login to Azure Active Directory admin center, under My Dashboard we can see the kind of access we have ie. Azure AD Premium P2 (AADP2).  This is not a full fledged Azure portal, but a light version of it specifically related to Azure Active Directory only.

Azure AD Premium P2

We are now ready to login to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center or we can say Microsoft Intune.

Once logged in, we can see following options under the Blade:

Endpoint Security
Tenant administration
Troubleshooting + support

CreateMSIntuneAccount 12

Click on Dashboard to see customizable dashboard showing:

Device Enrollment / Enroll devices
Device Compliance  / Create policies
Device Configuration / create profiles
Intune enrolled devices
Device compliance status
Device configuration profile status
CreateMSIntuneAccount 13

We can customize or can create new Dashboard as well with the list of important settings we wanted to have for quick access.


I will highly recommend creating free trial account using Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 which gives us enough time ie 90 days along with 250 licenses. And top of that having Azure AD Premium 2 access and dynamic groups along with all other feature AADP2 has to offer.

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