In this post I will show you how to deploy and install Dell Optimizer using SCCM. This can be downloaded from Dell website. Available file on Dell is in exe format which needs to be extracted and we need to prepare the package to deploy.

What is Dell Optimizer

Dell Optimizer is a software that intelligently and dynamically optimizes and the performance of the computer by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Dell Optimizer features following:

Analytics – To monitor the utilization of  Dell Precision workstation by collecting data, workload analysis and system analysis.

Dell Optimizer
  • Applications – You can add upto 5 application for better PC experience which will be initially go under Learning mode to learn the behavior of applications and to determine most optimal settings of the application after couple of hours of scanning and monitoring.
  • Audio – This Audio feature helps filter the background noise, stabilize volume and prioritize preferred voice streaming during online meetings.

Note: This also resolves one of the most common issue with Dell laptop where we see Audio does not switch to device plugged in. We see the device doesn’t automatically switch audio to wired headset / headphone using 3.5” audio jack.

  • Network – Network feature allocates the maximum bandwidth to conference applications during video calls and select best network available.
  • Power – It can be used to toggle the Adaptive batter performance capability to extend the battery run time based upon the personal usage.
  • Proximity Sensor – Dell optimizer proximity sensor is one of my favourite feature. The sensor detects your presence in front of your system using field-of-view (FOV) of the sensor. When user is out of range of FOV (sensor), the brightness of the display reduces and even locks the workstation based upon settings specified.

Download Dell optimizer

Dell Optimizer download can be done from Dell Product Support page. This page gives option to download it by providing produce name such as Service Tag, Model, Product ID etc. But eventually if you select any recent Dell Model, it will download the same version of Dell Optimizer.

Once you select the product, under Drivers & Downloads section > Manually find a specific driver for your Precision > Select Category as Application, and click Find drivers

 Download the driver, the latest version is 2.0.753.0,A00 at the time of publishing this post. Downloaded file name will be Dell-Optimizer_TD34P_WIN_2.0.753.0_A00.exe

download dell optimizer

Launch the exe but just extract it into a folder. This will consists of few files:

Dell Optimizer Extract

DellOptimizer.exe is the main file which will be used for installation while Mup.xml is like a helping hand to let us know what switches are required for silent installation (unattended install) of Dell Optimizer installation, along with error codes and uninstallation GUID required.

Supported Model for Dell Optimizer

Majority of Dell devices are supported, following are the compatible models based upon the version 2.0.753:

5820 XL Tower, 7820 XL Tower, 7920 XL Tower, Latitude 3320, Latitude 3410, Latitude 3420, Latitude 3510, Latitude 3520, Latitude 5310,Latitude 5310 2-in-1,Latitude 5320,Latitude 5410,Latitude 5411, Latitude 5420,Latitude 5421,Latitude 5510,Latitude 5511,Latitude 5520,Latitude 5521, Latitude 7210 2-in-1,Latitude 7310,Latitude 7320,Latitude 7320 Detachable,Latitude 7410, Latitude 7420,Latitude 7520, Latitude 9410,Latitude 9420,Latitude 9510,Latitude 9520,OptiPlex 5080,OptiPlex 5090, OptiPlex 5480 All-In-One,OptiPlex 5490 All-In-One,OptiPlex 7080,OptiPlex 7080 XE Micro Form Factor,OptiPlex 7090,OptiPlex 7090 Ultra,OptiPlex 7480 All-In-One,OptiPlex 7490 All-In-One,OptiPlex 7780 All-In-OnePrecision 3240 Compact,Precision 3440 Small Form Factor,Precision 3440 XE Small Form Factor,Precision 3450 Small Form Factor,Precision 3450 XE Small Form Factor,Precision 3550, Precision 3551,Precision 3560,Precision 3561,Precision 3640 Tower,Precision 3640 XE Tower,Precision 3650 Tower,Precision 3650 XE Tower,Precision 3930 Rack,Precision 3930 XL Rack,Precision 5550,Precision 5560,Precision 5750,Precision 5760,Precision 5820 Tower,Precision 7550,Precision 7560,Precision 7750,Precision 7760,Precision 7820 Tower,Precision 7920 Tower

Dell Optimizer supports following operating system and architecture:

Windows 10, 64 bit
Windows 11

Create Dell Optimizer Application using Configuration Manager

Copy the extracted content from Dell-Optimizer_TD34P_WIN_2.0.753.0_A00.exe to SCCM source directory.

Launch Configuration Manager console, and navigate to \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications.

Click on Create Application to launch Create Application Wizard.

DellOptimizerSCCM 04

Under General page, select Manually specify the application information and click Next.

On Specify information about this application, specify:
Name: Dell Optimizer 2.0.753.0
Publisher: Dell

Dell Optimizer Application

Specify the icon by selecting existing DellOptimizer.exe file.

Dell Optimizer Software Center

On Deployment Types page, click on Add and select Script Installer under Specify settings for this deployment type while Manually specify the deployment type information selected.

Dell Optimizer Script Installer

On General Information page, specify name as “Dell Optimizer”, click Next.

DellOptimizerSCCM 08

Following is the source we are going to use:

Dell Optimizer Package

On Specify information about the content to be delivered to target devices, specify:
Content location:
Installation program: DellOptimizer /silent
Uninstall program: msiexec /x {71773CE7-20CA-4E8C-ACC1-42345D24DA03} /qn

The command line switches specified for Dell Optimizer install and uninstall program should be the silent installation hence /silent & /qn solves the purpose.

Dell Optimizer command line switches

On Specify how this deployment type is detected page, Configure rules to detect the presence of this deployment type by clicking on Add Clause to open Detection Rule page.

Create a rule that indicates the presence of this application, specify Setting Type as Windows Installer. Under Specify an MSI product code as the basis for this rule, specify Product code as {71773CE7-20CA-4E8C-ACC1-42345D24DA03}.

Dell Optimizer Product Code

We can now see the rule has been set under Clause

DellOptimizerSCCM 12

On User Experience page, specify user experience settings for the application:
Installation behavior: Install for the system
Logon requirement: Whether or not a user is logged on
Installation program visibility: Normal

DellOptimizerSCCM 13

Click Next under next to pages Requirements and Dependencies, verify the Summary and click Next for creation of application.

DellOptimizerSCCM 14

Once done, you will be back to Create Application Wizard with Deployment type created, click Next and complete the process of creation of application.

Dell Optimizer Deployment types

Deploy Dell Optimizer Application

Application is created, distributed the content to DP’s by selecting the application right click and selecting Distribute Content.

DellOptimizerSCCM 16

Deploy the application by right clicking and selecting Deploy.

Under Deploy Software Wizard page, select collection to deploy the application.

DellOptimizerSCCM 17

On Specify the content destination, add the distribution point if not added previously, click Next.

DellOptimizerSCCM 18

On Specify settings to control how this software is deployed, specify:

Action: Install
Purpose: Available

DellOptimizerSCCM 19

On Scheduling time, click Next

DellOptimizerSCCM 20

On User Experience page, click Next.

DellOptimizerSCCM 21

Click Next through Alerts and summary pages to complete the deployment process of application.

Login to Windows 10 / Windows 11 workstation, launch Software Center, we can see Dell Optimizer 2.0.753.0 is available to install.

Once installed, we can see Dell Optimizer application present on the system.

Dell Optimizer