In this post I will show you how to download SCCM prerequisite files manually. While installing a fresh install of Configuration Manager using baseline media, we have to download or specify the path for Prerequisite Downloads. To download the files, internet connectivity is required, what if your server doesn’t have internet connectivity.


What are prerequisite downloads ?

Prerequisite downloads are set of files which consists of prerequisite redistributable files, language packs and other updates related to setup. While Installing Configuration Manager using baseline media, it is mandatory to have those files downloaded or download those files if we have internet connectivity. In background Setup Downloader triggers in which download these files.

Usage of Setup Downloader standalone tool

Setupdl.exe is the files which is part of baseline media. It is located under SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 folder. We can run this file on any other system to download the required prerequisite files and can later use this source while installing the SCCM.


Launch command prompt with elevated rights, navigate to folder SMSSETUP\BIN\X64. Run the command:

Setupdl.exe /?

This will show use all the options available to run Configuration Manager Setup Downloader.

setupdl.exe /?

We can use:

Destination – Specifies the directory for download files.
/verify – Verify the manifest and contents at the destination, but do not download
/NoUI – Don’t show any UI during process.

Let’s run the command to download the required files:

Setupdl.exe d:\SCCMPrereq

(where d:\SCCMPrereq is the empty folder created to download the binaries)

setupdl.exe destination

Once downloaded, we can see approx. 1.30 GB of files downloaded under d:\SCCMPrereq.

DownloadSCCMPrereq 03

To check the consistency of files (this just verifies the file rather than downloading it), we can run the command:

Setupdl.exe /verify /d:\SCCMPrereq
setupdl.exe /verify


Our prerequisite files are downloaded using Configuration Manager Setup Downloader tool, and we are good to use this source for the installation of SCCM and provide the path during Prerequisite Download phase.