In this blog post I will be showing you how to extract enterprise wim from ISO for windows 10. With recent changes, windows 10 ISO provided by Microsoft comes with multiple edition wim file. Though it is perfectly alright if you have one single ISO as we can still deploy specific version of OS using Index number, however it is always better to get a specific edition extracted if you are going to deploy Windows 10 using SCCM with specific version only, there will be little bit saving of image size and less confusion when deploying a specific image.

What is Multiple edition ISO file.

Windows 10 ISO comes as a single file which can be used to install any version of Windows 10. For this example, I am going with Windows 10 20H2 version which can be downloaded either through VLSC or Visual Studio Subscriptions (Formerly known as MSDN Subscription).

Extract Enterprise edition Wim from Multiple edition wim

Mount the ISO, locate the drive and navigate to find the location of install.wim ( I found location as f:\sources\install.wim)

Open PowerShell with elevated rights. Run the following command:

Get-WindowsImage -ImagePath f:\sources\install.wim

We can see existing install.wim consists of following 10 Windows 10 versions:

  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Education N
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise N
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro N
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows 10 Pro Education N
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
  • Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations
ExtractWimFromISO 01

Displayed content shows the Windows 10 image along with ImageIndex number. As we are interested to extract “Windows 10 Enterprise”, hence ImageIndex 3 is important for us to run in next command.

Create a folder where you want to extract the Windows 10 enterprise wim, for example: C:\Win10-20H2

Run following command to extract enterprise wim from multiple edition wim :

Export-WindowsImage -SourceImagePath F:\sources\install.wim -DestinationImagePath C:\Win10-20H2\Windows10-20H2-Enterprise.wim -SourceIndex 3

Where -SourceImagePath is the location of original install.wim, -DestinationImagePath is where you want to save the new wim, -SourceIndex is the index number of Windows 10 version, in this case it is Enterprise edition.

ExtractWimFromISO 02

Once completed, you will be able to see the new created wim file under the folder.

In case of any failure, you may troubleshoot using log file c:\windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log.

You may also notice that the size of the Enterprise wim file  will be smaller as compared to multiple edition wim (install.wim).

ExtractWimFromISO 03

Run the following command to verify the version of the newly created wim which shows only 1 ImageIndex.

Get-WindowsImage -ImagePath C:\Win10-20H2\Windows10-20H2-Enterprise.wim
ExtractWimFromISO 04

Other Useful commands related to Windows Image

Run the following powershell command to get other cmdlets related to WindowsImage.

get-command -noun WindowsImage
ExtractWimFromISO 05

One should be aware of these PowerShell commands as it will be very handy in managing various tasks related to Windows Image.