To create msix package, you need MSIX Packaging Tool. While installing this tool, you might stumble upon installing one of the pre-req ie. MSIX Packaging Tool Driver. While installing packaging tool, driver gets installed automatically. In few instance you might see the error code 0x80131500 with message:

We encountered an error when trying to install your driver. More information is available in your logs.


This happens because of the following error when checking the logs:

Error monitoring: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service

This is properly documented by Microsoft and you can check following links:

msix-docs/ at main · MicrosoftDocs/msix-docs · GitHub

Solve MSIX packaging failure – “Error starting the MSIX packaging tool driver 0x80131500” – Microsoft Tech Community

According to the article, following suggestions are there:

  • Restart the system
  • Edit the registry and create / edit the key EtwMaxLoggers (REG_DWORD)  at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\WMI. Permissible values are 32 through 256

What is MSIX Packaging Tool Driver

MSIX Packaging Tool Driver is the name suggest is a driver required for creating MSIX Packages using MSIX Packaging Tool. MSIX Packaging Tool driver is part of Feature on Demand (FOD) package which can be installed manually using dism command line options.

What to install MSIX Packaging Tool Driver

You can install MSIX Packaging Tool driver in offline mode / disconnected environment which requires source file. For this you need to download Feature on demand cab file.

Install MSIX Packaging Tool driver offline using FOD cab file

You can download the files for following Windows 10 versions:

Follow the link to download the Feature on Demand cab file. Check the link on how to get the MSIX Pack Tool driver

Feature on Demand ISO can also be downloaded with every version of Windows 10 release through:

Once the Feature on Demand package is downloaded, you can install it by using following command line with elevated privileges.

dism /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\temp\

Replace the /packagepath with the path of cab file where you downloaded.

dism add-package msix-packagingtool-driver

To uninstall any package, use following command to get the package identity:

Dism /online /get-packages
CreateMSIXPackage 03

Make a note of specific package identity.

Use following command to uninstall:

dism /online /remove-package /packagename:Msix-PackagingTool-Driver-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.19041.1

Install MSIX Packaging Tool using PowerShell command

You can use PowerShell command as well to install the file

Add-WindowsPackage -Online -PackagePath C:\temp\
add-windowspackage msix-packagingtool-driver

For removal of cab file using PowerShell command:

Remove-WindowsPackage -Online -PackageName Msix-PackagingTool-Driver-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.19041.1

Once the installation is done. Run MSIX Packaging Tool and try to create application, we will see MSIX Packaging Tool Driver will show as Installed as we did the manual installation.        

MSIX Packaging Tool Driver installed