In this post, we are going to cover the step by step installation of Windows Server 2019 Standard edition.

Our first requirement is to have Windows Server 2019 ISO, which can be downloaded from evalcenter link. Under the section “Windows Server Evaluations”, we need to select ISO under “Please select your evaluation file type”. This will give you evaluation version of Windows server with 180 days of validity.

Once downloaded, mount the ISO to Virtual Machine and boot the system. Very first flash screen will start with “Windows Setup” window asking for language to install , time and keyboard settings, click next to continue.

Windows Setup

Next page will show “Install now” button, click on it to continue.

Install Now Server 2019

Next page of “Windows Setup” will show list of operating system we can select, as we are interested in installing Standard edition, we will be proceeding with the 2nd choice which is “Windows Server 2019 Standard (Desktop Experience)“. Make sure avoiding 1st or 3rd option as this will will install Server OS with GUI.

Select the operating system your want to install

Next page will show “Applicable notices and license terms“, check the box “I accept the license terms” and click on Next to continue.

Applicable notices and license terms

Under next page, select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” as we are installing the fresh OS.

Install Windows only (advanced)

Next page will show the disk info, we can create/delete partition, however we will be proceeding with clicking Next which will create all required partition automatically based on BIOS/ UEFI Mode. This step will take care of partitioning automatically.

Server2019 06

Installation will kick off now including steps “Copying Windows Files” , steps proceeding with “Getting files ready for installation” and few other steps till “Finishing up“.

Server2019 07

System will reboot thereafter with message “Getting ready” to configure system files.

Server2019 08

Customize Settings page will show username as “Administrator” and will ask to setup password. Provide the password twice and click on Finish.

Server2019 09

You are now on Login page, enter the password to login, this will create the user profile as we are logging for the first time.

Server2019 10

Open System Properties, shortcut for this to open is: Press Windows button + R to open Run window and type sysdm.cpl. This will show you Computer Name properties with name and workgroup information.

Server2019 11

Its better to change the system name as generic name starting with WIN-0VR.. doesn’t look good, for the LAB purpose we will be proceeding with name DC01. Click on Change, type DC01 under “Computer name” and click OK twice. You will get message “You must restart your computer to apply these changes“. Initiate the restart process.

Server2019 12

Once restarted, open “Network Connections”, shortcut to open: ncpa.cpl.
Right click existing Ethernet connection and select Properties.

Server2019 13

Assign IP address by selecting “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)“, clicking on “Properties”, under General tab provide IP address, subnet mask, default gateway info. Also needs to specify “Preferred DNS Server”, as we are going to use the same server as DNS Server hence same IP address is required. Click on OK twice to save and exit

Server2019 14