In this blog, I will be discussing on how to wipe the device through intune portal which is already enrolled to intune. Through Intune portal we can perform few steps which will initiate command on the system to wipe it. This feature is part of Remote device management.

Initiating wipe on the device restores a device to its factory default settings. User data will not be deleted when we use a specific option, I will show you how to achieve this.

Proceeding with wipe by logging into Intune Portal

Login to intune portal which is also called Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center through the link or , both will take you to the same portal.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 01

Navigate to Devices > All Devices.

Select the device you want wipe.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 02

In the right pane, click on Wipe.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 04

You will get the warning that Factory reset returns the device to its default settings, along with that you will be having 2 more options to select:

Wipe device, but keep enrollment state and associated user account option.
Wipe device, and continue to wipe even if device loses power.

If we check the box for 1st setting ie to wipe device, but keep enrollment state, this option will not delete the data which is saved outside of the user profile. We will be proceeding with checking this option as we don’t want to loose user data.

As a sample I created c:\test folder and folder file on desktop.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 03

Once wipe is initiated, within few minutes command will be executed on remote device if it is online. Notifications will show Wipe initiated.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 05

Device will restart showing “Resetting this PC”.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 07
WipeDeviceThroughIntune 08

Once reset is completed, it will go through installing windows phase going through displaying a screen “Installing Windows”. This takes a while to apply OS and reset the device. Once completed you will be able to see login window.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 09

Once we login, we can see the files are still present under c directory and on desktop. Along with that, we can also see Remove Apps.html on desktop, which will show apps removed during reset phase. We can also see old Windows backed up under c:\windows.old folder.

WipeDeviceThroughIntune 10

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