Configuring Boundaries for SCCM

In this post we are going to setup & cover configuring Boundaries for SCCM as part of SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide series

Why do we need Boundaries ?

Boundaries are required for 2 purposes:

  1. Site Assignment – Clients will get policies when assigned to a specific SCCM Site.
  2. Content Location – Clients will get the content from distribution point, hence proper boundaries should be defined so that they can get the content from appropriate source.

Types of Boundaries

There are 4 types of Boundaries:
1. IP Subnet
2. Active Directory Site
3. IPv6 Prefix
4. IP address range

Boundary Group

Once Boundaries are created, they won’t do anything until unless they are assigned to Boundary Group. Infact, Boundary Group is the actual step where we assign Site Systems for Site Assignment and Content Location.

Create Boundary

We are going to create Boundary based on “Active Directory Site”.
Open SCCM console, Navigate to Administration \ Hierarchy Configuration. Right click Boundaries and select “Create Boundary”

Specify Description as “AD Site”, under type select “Active Directory Site”.
Click on Browse to select default site ie. “Default-First-Site-Name” and click OK.

Create Boundary Group

In this step we are going to create a Boundary Group, assign previously created boundary under this and assigning Site system servers under it.
Navigate to Administration \ Hierarchy Configuration. Right click Boundary Groups and select “Create Boundary Group”

Under General Tab, specify the name as “ADsite”, Click on “Add”, select Boundary with description “ADSite” and click on OK.

Click on tab “References”, check the box “Use this boundary group for site assignment” (This step will make sure that clients will be getting the policies from this specific site).
Under Site system Servers, click on “Add” and select SCCM01. (This site system server will be acting to provide content, patches to this specific Boundary group). Click on OK to complete the step.

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