In this post I will show you how to customize the Company Portal for Intune. Company portal is an application provided by Microsoft through which employees can install the applications & updates targeted to their device.

Company Portal and its requirements

To access the company portal, users needs to enroll their devices with MDM authority such Intune. Their can be multiple ways to enroll the device. One of the way is to download Company Portal through Microsoft Store through which you can download and install Windows Apps.

Company Portal application requires to login to enroll the device so that it can be managed through intune. Once you provide credentials which is having Intune license assigned, your device will be managed and ready for targeting the applications & updates.

Company Portal is purely optional, without this also you can target the application. However, having access to Company Portal app gives flexibility to install the applications which are made available to them (rather than forcing it).

Company Portal

Customizing Company Portal Steps

Customizing the company Portal steps gives opportunity to use Company branding, company logs, colour scheme and various other branding related tasks related to organizations information.

Login to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, on left blade click on Tenant administration which opens another blade Tenant admin, under End user experiences click on Customization to open Default Policy. Click on edit.

Tenant administration Customization
Default customization policyEdit customization policy

We have lots of option for customization:

Organization name
Theme color
Show in header
Upload logo for theme color background
Upload logo for white or light background
Upload brand image

Support information
Contact name
Phone number
Email address
Website name
Website URL
Additional information

Edit customization policy

I made some changes, comparison of default settings (left) vs custom settings (right) making some bright shiny colors.

Once done, click Review + save and then click Save.

Edit customization policy Review + Save

We have made changes into Default Policy which will be applied for complete organization, we can create a custom Policy as well. Under Customization, scroll down until you see Policies, click Create.

Create and assign a customization policy

On Create customization policy page, provide the policy name and click Next.

Create customization policy

Again, we are under Settings page, make appropriate changes and click Next.

Tenant admin Create customization policy

As this is a customization policy, we have now option available for Assignments¸ where we can target this policy to a specific group.


Customization policy when targeted to selected group overrides the default policy, hence we can have different look and feel of Company Portal.

Check and verify Company Portal application

And here you, we are ready with customization. Hence, login to a device where company portal is installed, once the policies are synchronized launch Company Portal.

We can see under home, the applications made available for the device can be seen. We have sections available Featured apps and Recently published apps.

Company Portal Home

Downloads & updates will give you more insight on application installation status.

Downloads & updates

Once clicked on Settings, we have few options available such as Sync your device, App mode, Usage data etc.

Company Portal Settings

Section for Devices is also available, which shows list of devices user has signed in.


We can see installing Company Portal and customizing gives organization to apply their own branding and the power to install the apps & updates directly from Company Portal for assignments made available through MEM Portal.